Sunday, November 16, 2014

Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Loxahatchee Florida Wedding Party DJ Venue

We had a really great weekend over at a new venue we had the pleasure of working at the Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast in Loxahatchee Florida. What a cool little paradise out in the countryside. As you drive into the main drive area there are gorgeous open fields on either side with lots of parking for your guests. The drive area curves off into 2 different places. People can stay at Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast with their campers and RVs with access to restrooms and other amenities. They have water and electric hook ups and a really cool lounge area on a man made island in the middle of a pond. It's a neat oasis with lots of fish and wildlife since its in the country.
The other side of the drive area takes you over to the brick pavers patio area with a side walk going around to where you can have your event. They have guest rooms for the bride and groom and plenty of space for hundreds of people.
The Southern Palm Bed & Breakfast has lots of power for all your lighting needs and plus you can have a band or DJ for your event. They have a nice balcony overlooking the party area with steps on both sides. You could setup a photo booth or other service. The owners were super nice and helpful with setting up and power. They should be able to help you with any of your event plans. We highly recommend this venue for anyone planning a wedding or party or even just wanting a place to camp out. 

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  2. I have been to Southern Palm Bed and Breakfast Wedding Party Venue only once. It is a nice venue but I feel it is not that bigger as the San Diego Wedding venues that I had booked for my wedding party. It was so spacious that I invited all my friends and relatives.

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