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The Mansion at Tuckahoe Jensen Beach Florida Indian Riverside Park Wedding Party Venue

                                           Our next post is all about a hidden venue that more and more people are discovering as a popular wedding place and even company party facility. The Mansion at Tuckahoe which is the former Coca Cola owners home in the early 1900s is a extremely large home on a hill overlooking the intracoastal waterway of Jensen Beach. This building was remodeled in the 2000s and turned into a popular banquet facility for many brides and grooms, party planners and corporate events. 

                                           The building features 2 stories with dressing rooms for weddings, a split bottom floor in the center with a larger room for dancing and dinner and the other side of the wall for a bar and gift area. The building has a full room setup for a buffet and on the other side of the building is room for lots of guest tables. There is a drive up area for dropping off guests or parking at the bottom of the hill. Staff has been on hand to bring guests up on golf carts to the facility for the events. The main room on the south side of the building has been a place where music and dancing usually happens. There's not a lot of space for dancing or a band, DJ or musician. It's best for a small to medium size setup. There's also nice decor such as a fireplace, staircase and pillar style separators. 

                                           The Tuckahoe Mansion in Jensen Beach doesn't have in house catering so you will have to look around for your preferred catering service and bar service. There is staff that runs the Mansion at Tuckahoe and can set everything up for you. I believe Martin County parks and recreation is in charge of the facility. For those of you having a ceremony, cocktail hour and reception for your wedding, there's a lot of space for the entire thing. There's a nice area down the hill with a small stage area for ceremonies. For you musicians there's power right on the stage. You can put your archway right on the stage and line the guests chairs in front facing the stage. It's a little bit of a walk from the ceremony to the mansion building. The Mansion at Tuckahoe also has a super large patio area on the north end great for cocktail hours and even the reception. But keep in mind about weather, you may need a tent if you're going to be outside at certain times of the year. 

                                          For your photographer or videographer the Mansion at Tuckahoe offers some nice scenery and backgrounds for those great photos. The waterway is on the east side of the building along with the park area and nice stairway shots. The layout of this building is pretty creative and offers a place for every part of your event. We've worked both indoors and outdoors at the facility. During the spring and summer it's pretty warm so you may want to consider having your event inside. This facility is great for a number of events from weddings to Sweet 16s and corporate affairs to company picnics. 

                                          Here is my critique section of the post. Overall it's a great building for most events. The layout inside can be a little difficult for your entertainment needs as it's a long room with a limited space once you have tables in it. It's capable of holding about 80-100 guests indoors and up to 150 guests outdoors comfortably. I give the Tuckahoe Mansion an 8 out of 10. You will have to look into your own catering and bar. Plus setting up the rooms how you want can take a little thought. The site is a beautiful building and fun, relaxing venue for that ocean beachy atmosphere. Having the upstairs rooms are really nice for changing attire during a wedding. We didn't get to speak to the staff while there as they were extremely busy and only a few were on site. This is definitely an option for anyone looking for a unique venue in Jensen Beach or in the treasure coast for that matter.

If you're planning on having an event here or already did leave your comments and questions.

- Billman

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Benvenuto's Catering and Banquet Facilities Boynton Beach Florida

                                                  Here is the post that I've been waiting to write and many of my customers have wanted to hear about. I have worked here hundreds of times over the years and my experience with every event is always a little different. Benvenuto's Catering and banquet hall of Boynton Beach Florida. Originally Benvenuto's was a restaurant that people could have dinner at and they also catered to parties and weddings. Now Benvenutos Boynton Beach is completely all weddings and special events. 

                                                  Benvenuto's Caters to 4 specific types of events; Weddings, Sweet 16s, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs and Birthday Parties. I've had the opportunity to perform for all these kinds of events at this facility. If you're looking for a traditional party venue that is extremely close to I-95 and the main roadways, this is a good place to look into. The main entrance has a large parking lot out front for plenty of guest parking with a drive up area and overhang cover incase of rain. The lobby leads into a square shaped facility with a large event room on the east side of the building and several smaller event rooms including a bar and lounge area on the west side. There's a total of 5 rooms to have your event in plus an outdoor courtyard which is nice for ceremonies and even cocktail hours. 

                                                 The courtyard has a small alter area with open space for a comfortable 80-100 guests. The large main room on the east side of the facility can hold about 100-130 guests and is great for much larger crowds. It has a large dance floor and wide open room to surround your dance floor with tables. For your vendors to bring in their equipment theirs a back paring lot on the south side of the building available and has a door leading right into their main room. It's extremely easy access to that room. There's 3 other party rooms on the west side of Benvenutos. The Fireplace room is much smaller for guests of 25-30 people and has a cozy fireplace on the back wall in the room with a small dance floor as you first walk in. Smaller events and cocktail hour type events are just fine for this room. Across the way is the Coral room that houses about 40-50 guests comfortably and can be used for a birthday party. This room is facing the courtyard which is a nice view for your party. The Garden Room is right next door and has a nice open dance floor with pillars in the middle. You can comfortably hold about 50-60 people and the DJ can be right on the dance floor facing the guests. Last but not least the bar lounge area. It's in the west corner of the facility. I've performed cocktail hours with a powered speaker and music for the guests. 

                                               So as far as room options at Benvenutos Boynton Beach, you have numerous options for your guests. The catering is all in house and servers & staff are available to help with food and beverage service. Here's the part that many of my customers and readers wait to find out about the venues. I always keep track of how many times I work at a facility and pay attention to all the details of a venue. I have been to Benvenutos Catering over 250 times in my career. I never like to speak negatively about any facility, what I do is critique it mostly. Benvenuto's in my book is a 7 out of 10. The facility is a nice place to have your event but it is a much older venue. So keep in mind that it's not a real modern place. The building also is a tad bit tight to bring in equipment. So if you're bringing in a large setup or lots of party props make sure you have them compact. Here's the kicker.......DJs, bands, musicians, if you're playing music in any of the smaller rooms you have to walk directly through the kitchen around long narrow hallways and through doors to get to your destination. It's not hard to do if you have a small setup but keep in mind, extra time for setup! I'm not fond of the layout but you have to work with what's there. A plus for the facility is their are 2 sets of restrooms in the building so that is great for your guests, plus a bridal getting ready room. 

                                            Many of the staff are friendly but getting in there as a top priority vendor is not easy. You have to be one of their regulars and a favorite to be remembered as a recommendation. If you're in good with the management, then your on the list. That's a note to any vendors. One last thing is a good tip to keep in mind for you brides and grooms or party planning people. This facility is a super fast paced venue. They always have several events going on at once and they have lots of staff to cover the events. But the high paced one event comes in and next one comes out can be difficult if you want a more laid back setting. They seem to be fairly popular though. Benvenutos in Boynton Beach Florida on US1 Federal Highway just south of Gateway Blvd is a nice venue overall and has many things to offer.

 If you want to know anything else about this venue feel free to post your questions & comments.  

- Billman

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Sundy House Delray Beach Wedding Venue Restaurant Catering Receptions

                                       Finally another edition of our blog from a new place that we had a chance to work at. I personally have not had the pleasure of performing at the Sundy House in Delray Beach Florida until this past weekend. My other DJs performed their in years past and enjoyed the great scenery. The Sundy house has some history based upon the venue and this is a great little getaway for those who want a small south Florida paradise with a taste of rivers, trees and cute gazebos.

                                       I was told that originally the Sundy House in Delray Beach Florida was the home of the first Mayor of Delray Beach, Florida. This home was remodeled more recently and turned into a hotel cottage type of venue with a restaurant, bar and lounge in the separate buildings and lush green natural areas throughout the facility. If you're a bride and groom looking for great photos to remember by, this is definitely worth checking out. The venue has all it's own catering and reception area with dining room on the outside portion of the main building. The walk ways feature a stone side walk and trees lining every part of the area with streams and rivers flowing underneath bridges. The cottages are in the very back of the facility for privacy. 

                                      I setup outside on the back patio which is covered in-case of any rain or weather conditions. The dining room is to the left of where the DJ booth was setup and the have the dance area directly in front of the DJ booth. There's a separate kitchen where they prepare the food and then set it up as a buffet out in the bar area. From what I could tell it was very easy access to the food and a very casual atmosphere. The dance space is not real big but comfortably fits about 20-30 people at a time on the floor and you can have a guest count of up to 100 people if needed. There are tables in and around by the gazebos for extra guests. 

                                     Now if you read my other blogs I try to share my thoughts on the staff, overall ease of access and other features, well here it is. For you performers, musicians and DJs / Disc Jockeys bringing your gear in you can park in the side parking lot (valet lot) and bring your gear in through a small gate in the corner. That was super convenient! But at 11pm the gate was locked so I had to drive around and bring everything through the front entrance. It wasn't the end of the world and I managed to get everything packed up. But it is a little of a walk, so for those of you who have lots of party favors, party props, gear, etc, schedule extra loading time. The food was very good and I actually got to try it. It was a buffet with an array of foods. (Italian food mostly) The staff was friendly and helpful which is always a plus when working anywhere new. They worked with me on the timeline and order of events. There's a great place by a small pond area that is for ceremonies and cocktail hours. This is great for separating the reception from the ceremony. There are power outlets throughout the facility for those of you who need it, and its many of us. The valet seemed very efficient and was helpful and friendly right when I pulled up. 

                                     Overall I'd give the Sundy House in Delray Beach Florida a 9 out of 10. Everything was excellent, except the packing up and getting your equipment can be a tad bit tricky but just have good planning on how to move your equipment and props. It's also by downtown Delray Beach which is a lot of fun with bars and lounges, shops and restaurants on the main strip (Atlantic Avenue). The Sundy House has excellent picture areas for your photographer, good food and good service.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them here and I will reply.

- Billman

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indian Riverside Park Jensen Beach Florida Wedding and Party Venue Facility

                                           In this article I'm going to be telling you about the very well know in the Treasure Coast area, Indian Riverside Park in Jensen Beach Florida. I know quite a bit about this venue as I've played events over 30 times here and also got married myself here. The facility is situated right on the intracoastal waterway in a wide open park area on basically an island. This building is a 2 story building which holds the main reception party room on the second floor. Indian Riverside Park is great for that tropical ocean beach wedding you want on a small to medium budget. Let's take a close look into Indian Riverside Park's reception facility. 

                                          From what I recall you have to rent the facility from the parks and recreation center of Martin County. The cost is roughly a little over a thousand to rent out. I believe you can rent the facility for 4-6 hour periods. The building features both a stairway to get to the second floor and an elevator for the DJs, musicians, caterers, and vendors to bring their equipment up. The room is quite large, open and airy. The best part is it's air conditioned or you can open all the large glass doors to let the ocean breeze in on those gorgeous cool days. The second floor over looks a long dock area great for ceremonies or photos of the guest of honors. The room holds a nice amount of guests about 125-140 comfortably and tables can be spread around a dance floor in the center. I don't believe there is a permanent dance floor in the room so you may have to look into the martin county parks and rec about having the dance floor. Another great feature is a small kitchen area in the corner of the room for serving food and beverages. There's plenty of room to setup buffet stations and beverage areas, plus a gifts table, cake table, etc. 

                                          A couple of details you may want to work out between the entertainment and customer or vice-versa is where they will setup. Sometimes I've been setup on the wall closest to the waterway and sometimes I'm setup across the room on the opposite side of the room near the dance floor. Running extension cords can be a little ways over so make sure you have the taped down neatly for you entertainers or party planners. This has plenty of space for a nice open dance floor. Another small issue I find is parking on certain days. Saturdays in the spring and summer are extremely busy days and numerous cars are parked throughout Indian Riverside Park. So you may want to plan to find the spaces to park. The drive area is not covered but offers a nice circle turnaround to load and unload party props, gear, etc. The distance can be a little far also getting to Indian Riverside Park as it's over a bridge and a ways into the Hutchinson Island / Jensen Beach area. Allow plenty of time getting to this location from I-95 or the Turnpike. 

                                         I would give this venue an 8 out 10 which is a very good rating. The size of the venue is great! You have to cater your own food and parking can sometimes be difficult. But overall it's a great place to have your wedding, sweet 16, birthday, anniversary, even a corporate event. Happy venue hunting!

If you have questions or comments feel free to add them and I'd be happy to respond.

- Billman 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

River Palm Cottages Jensen Beach Florida Wedding and Party Venue

                                                So we had the pleasure of working at a nice outdoor venue this weekend. Yes, you're probably thinking, "wow it must have been freezing." Of course south Florida is the only area that stays mostly warm year round. But it was just a little chilly outside for the wedding reception we performed at this past evening. Make sure that whenever you perform or have an event outside to check the weather that day, have heaters or fans, etc. You just never know about weather conditions, they can change in an instant. 

                                                This is not our DJ setup in this photo and I don't take credit for this picture, this is directly off River Palm Cottages Jensen Beach Website. This is the main tiki hut above with the open dance floor in the very center. As you first drive into the River Cottages main road it takes you around to the tiki hut and main reception area. Parking is around the small cottages and an additional parking area is available on the north end of the facility. For party planners, caterers, DJs and musicians setup is super easy. You can actually drive your vehicle right up to the building and load and unload equipment, party props and food. There is a full bar on the south side of the hut and a gorgeous dock area on the east side leading right out to the intro-coastal waterway. DJs and musicians can setup right by the bar area. From where your vehicle is parked to load and unload equipment and/or party props is maybe 25 feet. The night we performed, there was a buffet table setup directly behind the bar area. The tables and chairs were setup under a tent attached to the tiki hut area. I am not sure if that is part of the building or something you can add onto the hut. It made a difference for wind and weather. I would check out that when you go to see the place.

                                                You will probably have to hire your own catering to provide the food for your event or I'm sure the facility has some recommendations. For the wedding we performed at the ceremony was just down the way on the lawn facing the waterway. Excellent for photographers and easy access for guests. We have our own photographer who works for the our DJ company and the photos were excellent. So you can expect great pictures to look back on with great scenery. Restrooms were clean and easy to get to. Plus they have cottages for your guests if you're looking for a place to stay. 

                                                For anyone looking to have a wedding, sweet 16, birthday or other tropical beachy atmosphere party, this is a cool place available for just that. It comfortably fits 100-125 guests and the dance floor is nice and open. Having the bar right next to the dance floor keeps your guests close and part of the event. Keep in mind that this venue is mostly set outdoors, so make sure you plan to have it during a warmer part of the year. It can be chilly between January and April in south Florida.They had heating lamps and covers to enclose the facility too. The only downside is the venue is a little ways east of the highway for those flying in or driving a ways. But other than that it's a cool, relaxing place for your party or reception. Check out River Palm Cottages in Jensen Beach Florida just south of Jensen Beach Blvd. 

For any questions, comments or responses feel free to post them and I'll respond. Happy venue hunting!

- Billman