Saturday, April 27, 2013

Elks Lodge 2166 Boca Raton Florida Wedding and Party Venue Banquet Hall

                                        On to our next venue and we've had the opportunity to work at various new facilities. It's great to be able to share the experiences we've had throughout the south Florida area to our party planners, brides & grooms, party goers and more. This is a simpler venue for those of you looking for a medium size place to have your party or wedding and want something affordable and easy to access. The Elks Lodge 2166 in Boca Raton Florida is a block north of Glades Road right on Federal Highway. It's a small building with 2 parking lots, one on the front and one on the back. The lounge & bar of the facility is up front at the main entrance and through the back of the facility is the banquet hall.

                                      As you first walk in to your left it goes straight in to the dance floor area. Pictured is a head table for a bridal party and to the right are the additional guest tables. Comfortably this banquet hall holds about 50-60 people and may be able to accommodate more if needed. The dance floor is pretty decent size and can handle your entire guest count. There's a small stage where the musician or DJ can setup directly behind the stage. Right next to the stage are doors to the back parking lot and a small loading ramp to bring in equipment, party favors, caterers, etc. 

                                     There's a full size kitchen on the left of the picture for the caterers and a bar area with counter farther down on the left. Talk about super convenient, this room has everything setup well. The stage area is capable of having a pretty good size setup too. I believe they have someone who can prepare the food but you may also be able to bring in your own caterer. There's 2 doors to come in and out on the right side of the picture above. For the entertainment getting in and out is super convenient. Loading and unloading is within 10 feet so setup is a breeze. 

                                     And (Drum Roll please............) my review of the Elks Lodge 2166 in Boca Raton. I give this wedding & party venue a 9.5 out of 10. That's a great review! As I came into the facility the staff was very friendly and greeted me as I came in. Getting in and out of the place was excellent. The dance floor is a great size for your guests and you could easily have some colored uplighting to enhance the room ambiance. The only minor thing about this facility is the size of the room. If you have a party of over 75 people it might be more difficult to fit everyone in the room. There's a kitchen and a bar setup right in the room. You really can't beat the convenience of this venue. So checkout the Elks Lodge 2166 in Boca Raton Florida for your next party, wedding or special event!

Leave your questions comments or anything else here and I'll be happy to respond. 

- Billman

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Maralargo Club Palm Beach Florida Mar-a-largo Trump Country Club Wedding Venue Florida

                                        Here's a venue that is one for the record books. The Mara-largo club in Palm Beach is Donald Trumps very own Florida home and country club on the island of Palm Beach. This venue is extravagant and boasts a 5 star upscale banquet hall, spa, pool, multiple levels, golf course and several rooms for functions. It's centrally based across a bridge on the east side of West Palm Beach just miles from I-95. This can help with your travelers by car and it's within 10 minutes of the PBI airport. The home was the former owners of Post cereal brand and was later turned into a historic spot in Palm Beach later bought by Donald Trump.

                                        As you pull into the main gate of Maralargo, the front looks like a small palace. For those of you brides and grooms or anniversary party goers that are looking for amazing service and a king & queen atmosphere this is definitely an idea to check into. There is a valet at the very front as you pull into the main building to help escort you and park you vehicle. It has a nice size overhang so that your guests can stay covered from any weather. We were setup in the ballroom to the back of the second building. You have to pull around the parking lot to the very back where the long driveway and circle turnaround are. The room we were setup in was the White Ballroom. It has large crystal chandeliers, marble and wooden floors, gold and white borders and a small stage for a musician or DJ. One side of the room looks out to the pool outdoors and the other side goes out to the courtyard. The event we did was an anniversary party and the table was setup in a U shape. All the guests had name tags around the tables with gorgeous plates and silverware setup just so. It was a like a fairy tale for you brides. The anniversary couple was setup in the very center of the table and the dance floor right in front of the main table. 

                                           Comfortably the white ballroom can fit about 65-75 people and have an area to dance. The stage area is great to have entertainment setup and out of the way of the dance floor. This room would also look fantastic with some uplighting (see my uplighting blog) in numerous color types. Also for your guests there are a lot of great areas to have a cocktail hour and setup music or entertainment. You can use the patio area by the pool for the cocktail hour or the upstairs balcony as well. Pulling up a limo service or cars are super easy with the circle drive area right next to the white ballroom. For you photographers the pictures are great all around the facility. There's water fountains and gardens, ocean views and classical 18th century style.

                                           Here's the critique that everyone like's to read. Overall I'd give Maralargo in Palm Beach a 9.0 out of 10. This facility is a very formal atmosphere so suits and tuxes are something that many parties will want to indicate on their invitations. I'm not sure on the overall cost of Maralargo to rent but it's worth checking out if you're having an extravagant affair. Weddings, anniversary parties, corporate affairs and formal birthdays are some popular events customers have had there. There is an in house catering service but I don't see why you couldn't bring in your own catering as well. Caterers seemed like they were very good with working with the guests. We didn't get to much interaction with them but the valet and security at the front were very friendly. It's a great venue for a 5 star amazing formal experience so check it out.

- Billman

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Royal Poinciana Chapel Palm Beach Island Florida Wedding Venue

                                         For the next posting we got to perform at a new facility and as always got to take in the setting of this venue we've had the pleasure of working at. The Royal Poinciana Chapel in Palm Beach Florida right on the island, is a very upscale and elegant place to have your wedding reception. For those of you looking for a venue in the west palm beach area this is a great idea for a location for everything; Wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception.

                                          Royal Poinciana Chapel is located on the island of Palm Beach right next to the Flagler Museum. It's fairly easy to get into and parking is available throughout the facility. You have a couple of options, you can get married in the chapel area or outside on the gorgeous lawn area under the large trees. They also have a very nice patio area with overhang where your cocktail hour could be held. They have house music built into the facility or you can have a DJ play some music outside as they had us do. The outside can comfortably fit about 80 people. Your caterer can setup tables an beverage station outside for the guests. For you photographers or anyone hiring a photographer the view is great! It's right by the intracoastal waterway in West Palm Beach. 

                                         As we make our way indoors from the patio we have the reception ballroom. It features a nice open room with chandeliers lining the ceilings. As I said the room is pretty upscale. It is carpeted throughout most of the room and on the north end of the room where the musicians setup or DJ it has a wood floor. You will have to look into a catering service as the has a kitchen area but most clients bring in their own caterers. You may also have to rent tables and chairs for the room. The bride & groom for this wedding hired a company who set everything up. The actual reception hall can accommodate about 100-115 people comfortably. The food was setup as a buffet style on the east and west sides of the room and the beverage station was located on the south end of the room. This room doesn't need a lot of decorating as it's nice and open and can be mostly setup on the tables. 

                                         Here's my review on Royal Poinciana Chapel. The building is super easy to get your equipment into. The building has side doors and parking spots right up front to take your party props, equipment, tables & chairs etc, into the reception. The facility has lots of parking both at the Flagler museum next door and in the chapel parking lot. You have 2 option for getting married, either out on the lush lawn or inside the chapel. The room accommodates a good number of people and has a nice patio area for cocktail hours. The caterers we worked with were very friendly and courteous. We didn't get a chance to talk with anyone running Royal Poinciana but it wasn't hard getting in and out with no hassle. Overall I will give this venue a 9 out of 10. The only thing that you will have to find out is having a caterer. The patio area is not covered completely and there was a little rain. This is a great facility for weddings and worth checking into for anyone in the palm beach county area.

- Billman

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pietros on the River Jensen Beach Hutchinson Island Wedding Venue

                                             For my next post I want to talk about a new facility I had the pleasure of working at. The venue Pietros on the River is located up in the Jensen Beach area on Hutchinson island. It's great for anyone living in the Stuart, Jensen Beach, Port St Lucie and even Ft Pierce areas. It's right on the intracoastal waterway and the outside part of it is very upscale. 

                                             The venue features a golf course, gazebo, pool and several rooms for events. For medium size weddings and events this is a great place to look into. The building also features a drive up overhang for dropping off guests and of course staying dry in the ever changing Florida weather. As you first walk in the door the restrooms are on the left side and have nice areas for changing clothes, (for you musicians and guests) and on the right side is another smaller party room and the main office. In the main hall it has a gorgeous piano setup and restaurant area. Make your way to the right of the restaurant area and around the corner to the main party room. There are 2 small steps up to this level but it does have a ramp outside going to the door for anyone in a wheel chair or bringing in heavy equipment. The dance floor is at the very front of the room and DJ booth or musician can setup right next to the dance floor. There are power outlets extremely close to the setup area.The guest tables are arranged around the dance floor. The room has windows around it which is really nice for viewing the outside.

                                                   For you photographers or for those hiring a photographer, the sunset shots are excellent and the waterway shots are great also. Right by the beach waterway area is a gazebo for ceremonies. It can comfortably seat about 60-75 people. You can also capture some photos near the golf course and around the venue. Cocktail hours can be inside or outside on the small patio area. But on a hot day you may want to have it inside or around the pool area. 

                                                 Here comes my ratings part. Usually the bride, grooms, vendors and viewers look forward to hearing the pros and cons. It makes their lives easier when working at a venue. The main room shown in this picture can hold about 70 people comfortably, so I would say small to medium size weddings are the best. If your guest list is over 100 it might be a little more tricky. The staff was accommodating and friendly, which is a plus in my book. They coordinated the timeline very well and had everything ready, food, champagne poured and cake utensils. The food was very good as well, I had a chance to have dinner there. Another thing about the room is it's right next to the main dining room and it's mostly open with no partition. So you may have to watch the noise level of your music. We tried to regulate the volume as best as possible but usually with a crowd on the dance floor it's a task. 

                                                So overall I would give Pietro's on the River Jensen Beach an 8.5 out of 10. It has just about everything you could want for a medium size wedding. Brides and grooms in the Treasure coast, it's worth looking into. If you're looking for an elegant beach style venue this is a great pick. There are many room options available.

 If you have questions or comments about this post feel free to post and I will reply.

- Billman