Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Venues and information to check out

I haven't posted to recently so I wanted to add some new information. I wanted to mention some other good venues to have your event at. We just recently worked at a few more great venues. Madison Green Golf Club in Royal Palm Beach is very easily accessible for equipment and has a nice friendly staff. The setup is in a T Shape and it's a very long room but good for up 100 people. Another great place for an event is Bent Pine Golf Club in Vero Beach. The staff is super nice and the facility has 2 rooms but it's perfect for a reception and a ceremony or cocktail hour. Lot's of space for up to 150 people. They have a bar area and the property has a nice area for taking photos. As I had mentioned in another post having your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception helps to keep the cost down and accommodate more people as they don't have to travel to multiple locations and  your vendors are able to go to one easy location. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Venues to have Events DJ Billman

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some of the places I've worked at in the South Florida area. Every place that our company has performed has it's own unique staff, accommodations and overall layout. The Double Tree Hotel in Palm Beach Gardens is a place we've worked at recently. The access is great to either room. They have a restaurant area that you can rent out for different functions and their main ballroom. For DJs it's fairly easy and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

The next place that is popular is Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens. It's a little more difficult for our equipment as the main ballroom is on the second floor and we have to transport everything up the elevator but it is massive in the main room. You can have pretty much any kind of function; weddings, proms, birthdays, corporate affair. The scenery and lobby is gorgeous and a great place to have a cocktail hour too. But access to the main door to get our equipment in is easy so it's another great venue.

For birthday parties a cool place to have your function is Duffys Grill over on PGA and A1A in Palm Beach Gardens. They have a huge party room in the back with a bar and large dance area. We have worked there fairly often and it has plenty of space to accommodate up to 100 guests or more. The staff is very friendly and I believe they cater the food in house. They also have a room upstairs for a photo booth or any kind of extra entertainment service. This is a 2 story facility.

I will write about more venues as we go. These are personal experiences we've had just from working many years at these places. Happy venue hunting. Also these venues know us well. Just mention DJ Billman and they do a great job working with us to make your event a success.