Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boca Dunes Country Club Boca Raton Florida Wedding Sweet 16 Party Venue

                                       On to our next destination at a quaint clubhouse off the main road of State Road 7 in Boca Raton Florida. The Boca Dunes Country Club is a nice quiet setting in a laid back community on a golf course up on a hill area. Boca Dunes Country Club is great for numerous different types of events and has 2 levels in the building. We had a successful and fun wedding on a Sunday there just recently.

                                      As you drive up to the main doors of Boca Dunes it has a nice size overhang area with drive through so you can drop off and pick up your guests. This helps for those of you avoiding that unpredictable weather here in south Florida. As you walk into the main room in the front it has a nice staircase going down to the bottom floor. The main second floor is great to have multiple wedding activities such as; ceremony in one room, cocktail hour and reception. There's a smaller room great for ceremonies and a main reception hall great for the party portion of your event. It can be customized to basically any way you want for your tables and decorations. 

                                     They have a nice size dance floor at one end of the room and a very large open area to setup your tables surrounding the dance floor. You can easily fit 100 plus people in the reception banquet room. There is also a staff available to help in running a drinks bar, setting up a buffet and helping to coordinate the overall event if needed.

                                      For those of you interested in how easy the access is getting into the building, it's super easy for wheel chairs, DJ equipment, party props, decorations and much more. It has a nice open layout and plenty of room for setting up larger equipment. Plenty of power outlets on the walls and you can even have disco lights during the day as they can close the blinds and set the mood for the party. The staff was very friendly and accommodating. They were easy to work with and had everything setup neatly. 

                                    Here's a nice short overview of the facility. It has easy access to the building, good size space for larger weddings, staff and in house catering. It's right on state road 7 441 in the Boca Raton area so those of you looking for something from down south to even Boynton Beach or Lake Worth this facility is a great idea to check into. The staff was friendly and it's a simple yet elegant setup. Check out Boca Dunes Country Club in Boca Raton Florida for your next wedding, sweet 16, birthday or more. 

If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them and I'll be happy to reply.

- Billman


Monday, June 17, 2013

Westin Beach Resort & Spa Ft Lauderdale Beach Florida Wedding Sweet 16 Corporate Event

                                 We have been super busy with graduation parties and now wedding season. Many of the popular places we have wrote about have had us back for more events and parties. There are so many great options to choose from in the South Florida area. That's why many of the customers we have are from other cities and states coming down for a destination wedding or party. 
                                  One of our newest hotels that we had the pleasure of working at was The Westin Resort Ft Lauderdale Beach Florida. If you're looking for that destination wedding feel and relaxing beach setting, this place is definitely worth looking into. You can't get any closer to some of the nicest beaches around. Right across the street is a full view of the ocean and then on the west side of the hotel is a great view of the inter-coastal waterway (the best of both worlds). As you drive up to the main entrance of the hotel there is valet parking to assist you in parking your vehicle. Once you walk through the first building of the Westin down the hallway there's a cool view of the roadway below as you walk down to the convention center portion of the hotel. 

                The convention center main hallway is a nice open view and has a modern style look to it. The hallway features both an escalator and 2 elevators to accommodate your guests. The Westin has numerous rooms to cater to all your guests needs from wedding receptions to birthdays to corporate events they have the space and versatility to work with any event type. 

                   We had the opportunity to perform in one of the smaller Las Olas rooms. It has a fantastic view overlooking the ocean side. This room is on the 2nd floor and is an L shaped setup allowing for a buffet style dinner or lunch on one end of the room and the dance floor with guest tables on the other. The setup of the room was great to accommodate a good 75 guests with room to roam. The main doors for the bridal party to walk in through were right next to the DJ booth making it very convenient to run everything smoothly. You can also have your cocktail hour on the sky-view 4th floor, which is a great open area overlooking almost the entire area. Our company always appreciates working with super friendly, easy-going staff at hotels and country clubs. The catering service there was exceptional in helping us coordinate everything and make sure the reception flowed nicely. They were very accommodating and helpful throughout the entire event. So we would definitely recommend if you're looking for a venue in this area to look into the Westin Ft Lauderdale Beach Florida. For those of you performing music whether you're a DJ or musician there's easy access to the rooms by elevator. You will probably need an assistant or additional person to help in carrying the equipment to the room. 

                   Here's our overall evaluation on the Westin hotel Ft Lauderdale Beach Florida. We give it a 9.8 out of 10! That is an excellent score and we really enjoyed working at this venue. The staff there was wonderful, the views were amazing and the rooms were gorgeous with the modern style tropical feel. The only thing that we found a little difficult as a performer is the all Valet service. But guests may find that to be very convenient. And the walk to the room is a little of a trek so make sure you get there early and bring extra help. Make sure to look into the Westin Hotel Ft Lauderdale Beach Florida. 

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- Billman

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Colony Hotel Palm Beach Island Florida Wedding & Party Venue

                              So we're finally getting back to writing after a hectic month of performing at numerous venues. Many of the venues we play at are ones we've been to previously but it's always nice to go back and experience even more. This past weekend we had the opportunity to work at the well known Colony Hotel on the island of Palm Beach. It overall was a very relaxing, fun and upscale experience. Definitely a 5 star setup with a great location and easy access. 

                             The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida is definitely the high end, elegant and classy wedding or party venue you and your guests would enjoy. The facility features a gorgeous setting with pool, patio area, tiki style bar and lounge near the pool area. You can have your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception all in one place. There is an area right on the lawn with a nice walkway to the side. You can setup an archway and chairs right near the reception area. The outside lounge (which is covered) is available for your guests to have drinks and snacks for the cocktail hour. Heading into the main ballroom there are doors in two different areas with a foyer area, place for a photo booth and restrooms right as you walk in the main doors. The reception hall also features a covered drive up area for your guests to be dropped off. There's valet parking available to assist you too. 

                           We know how much you enjoy the pictures so we try to document for you when we go to our destination. Below is a picture of the ballroom / reception hall. The overall setup is great and can accommodate a comfortable 75-100 people possibly more. The dance floor is right in the center of the room and tables are all around the the dance floor. The staff was a pleasure to work with and were friendly and organized. We always like working with a friendly staff, it makes our job fun and enjoyable. 

                            This is one side of the ballroom and the other side looks about the same. The bridal party or presentations can be setup to be introduced right outside the doors just in front of the dance floor to the left in the picture. There's plenty of power for the DJ or musician inside the reception and outside for the ceremony and cocktail hour. We do have a recommendation as far as the room goes. Some uplighting in any color of your choice would be a nice feature to  add to the room. You can set the theme and tone for the affair with a great color choice. 

                            Drum Roll please......................And our overall review of the Colony Hotel in the island of Palm Beach, Florida. We give it a 9.8 out of 10! That is one of the best scores we've ever give. We had the opportunity to try the food and it was very good, the access to get equipment and party props for your event is super easy! It is about 10 minutes from I-95 and about 15 minutes from Palm Beach International Airport. So for your guests its an easy trip east from the downtown area. The staff was very friendly and great in handling the overall timeline of events. One very minor thing we will mention which is only an opinion is we're not big into valet parking. We normally like to handle our own vehicle while loading and unloading equipment. But it's a nice courtesy to those dropping guests off. The musicians may not be much for valet or possibly don't care. Other than that our experience was excellent! If you're looking for a tropical, elegant and relaxing venue The Colony hotel in Palm Beach is an excellent choice. Oh yes..... It's right down the street from the beach! Get your tan on before the wedding or party!

Questions or comments, feel free to leave them and I'll be happy to respond. 

- Billman

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