Monday, February 25, 2013

Jupiter Beach Resort Wedding and Party Venue Jupiter Florida

                                                I've been brainstorming on this next blog trying to keep the party planners, venue searchers and web surfers up to date on the best places to have their event. We had the opportunity to work at the Jupiter Beach Resort in Jupiter Florida recently and worked in one of their smaller rooms out by the pool. This venue is definitely a great place for weddings and corporate events. 

                                               The Jupiter Beach Resort has gorgeous decor and long hallways with elegant layouts in each room to offer those a 5 star experience. It is definitely a great place for a corporate affair or company gathering as we were able to witness several going on during our meetings with brides and grooms. Their are a few rooms to pick from for your upcoming event. They have a smaller room for lite to medium size events and a full size ballroom available for those high end large sweet 16s, weddings, corporate events and more. 

                                               The one major thing we experience while at the Jupiter Beach Resort was the personality of the staff and managers at the hotel. From walking in the door to the last part of the evening it was a pleasure to work with everyone at the resort. They were courteous, friendly and worked with our timeline throughout the wedding. They did keep a tight schedule at the event we were performing at and made sure that the time that was scheduled was set moment to moment. If you believe that your guests may want to stay additional time for the party or event than you may want to discuss that with the Jupiter Beach Resort. Getting to the hotel is fairly easy and it's just 15 minutes east from I-95 off of Indiantown Road in Jupiter Florida. You can't get any closer to the beach as the hotel is directly on it. Their pool is gorgeous and they have a tiki area that is right next to the ocean. The hotel also features a restaurant as you walk in the main door to the left. Jupiter Beach also offers in-house catering which is most likely part of their packages for events.

                                               Now for you mobile DJs performing or if you're a vendor such as photo booth, photographer, etc, getting equipment to where you need it isn't the easiest around. They do have a loading dock available around the back bottom floor of the hotel. You go up a ramp around the hallway and up the elevator. Then you have to take your equipment around the hallway either through the restaurant to the party room or to the main ballroom. Allow plenty of time to setup. When we setup for our event we came in from the loading dock. You may want to come in the main doors at the front of the hotel which could save you some time. It's best to make a stop by the venue just to check it out. The parking can sometimes be limited if there is more than one event happening. 

                                           Overall the Jupiter Beach Resort in Jupiter Florida is a nice place for your wedding, corporate function, sweet 16 or any upscale special event. We would give it an 8.5 out of 10 for wonderful hospitality and professionalism. The parking can be difficult and the offloading equipment, party favors and party props can be a little tedious but with extra time and proper planning everything will work out great. So if you're looking for tropical paradise on the beach and are planning a fun elegant event check this venue out. 

For questions, comments or responses add them below and I'll be happy to reply. 

- Billman 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Players Club Wellington Florida Wedding Sweet 16 BarMitzvah BatMitzvah venue facility

                                        Hello viewers, party planners, brides and grooms, individuals planning events for someone! We're of course just getting started on what's yet to come on south Florida venues. We have just scratched the surface of venues in the South Florida area. We have focused mainly on the Palm Beach area and are working our way into the Broward and Dade area as well. Our next destination of interest is The Players Club & Restuarant in Wellington Florida. This facility is located in the western communities of the Palm Beaches 30 minutes west of the Palm Beach area. 

                                        The Players club is a lounge type of atmosphere and caters to those looking for more of a night club lounge atmosphere. It has 2 floors to the building and a drive way area with over hang. Which of course is always convenient for those of you dropping guests off to the main door and want to stay out of the weather. As you drive up to the main entrance the normally have a valet person there to help you with your car. So that can be a plus for those of you wanting to leave it up to the valet. Once you walk in the main door there's a long hallway to the main party room. There's double doors into the main room which is a large open area, great for keeping the focus on the dance floor in the center. There are also lights built into the facility so that your entertainment doesn't have to bring their lighting. The dance floor is usually in the center of the room and tables surrounding the dance area. 

                                         Here's where your DJ is going to be ecstatic! They have a DJ booth built into their facility. On the left side of the room as you walk into the ballroom there is a tall DJ booth setup overlooking the dance floor and room. For those of you who are hiring a DJ or are a mobile DJ this might be a nice feature so you don't have to have equipment. Now I will be honest, I normally bring my own table and equipment only because I like to be close to the crowd and dance floor. Depending on what you're doing or who you have working with you can have a DJ up in the booth and an MC down on the floor. Just bring your laptop or mixing setup and music and you're ready to rock the house. 

                                        This main room can comfortably fit about 80-100 people and have room to spare. We've seen many people have buffet style dinners in here and it also features a bar area to the side of the room. There's a separate room connected to the main ballroom of the Players club that is great for preparing your bridal party or guests of honor. It's a smaller lounge style room great for small groups of people or preparing your event. We haven't had a chance to interact with all of the staff but everyone we have worked with there has been professional and pleasant to work with. It's easy access with party props, equipment, party favors and more. Getting in and out of the building is pretty easy. Parking is way down at the bottom of the hill though so it's a little far to walk for any elder guests.

                                        Last but not least the Players Club in Wellington FL features a first floor restaurant and bar area. They've had live entertainment down there, piano players, DJs, musicians and others perform for the crowd. That could be your after party or downtown West Palm Beach is a straight shot down Forest Hill Blvd about 25-30 minutes for those of you who like to party and then party some more. One last thing about the Players club to finish out this post. It also has a patio area outside near the polo fields. It's great for fall and winter events but having something during the summer outside can be difficult. The mosquitoes in the summer time out in the western Wellington area can be a little overwhelming. 

                                      Overall the Players Club in Wellington Florida is a great place for small to medium weddings, sweet 16s, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs and much more. If you're looking for a night club or lounge party atmosphere its a great place to look into. We would give it an 8 out of 10 for a great atmosphere and overall room setup. Parking isn't fairly easy and there's enough space for those who want to have several activities going at once, DJ, food, entertainers, etc. 

Feel free to post your questions comments and more and I'd be happy to add to them. 

- Billman


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Venue Uplighting LED uplights room ambience lights parties weddings mitzvahs

                                           In the past couple of years uplighting has become a major add-on or package deal for many different types of events from weddings to birthdays, bar & bat mitzvahs to corporate events. Numerous events want to light the room in a color that sets the mood for the affair they're having. Any facility that you go to has normal house lights or chandeliers to light up the banquet hall or party room you are in. Why is uplighting such an attractive idea for an event or facility?

                                            Uplighting are spotlight style room lights that line the corners of the walls in your hotel banquet room, country club hall or recreation facility that set the atmosphere in the color or colors of your choice. The standard room lights are usually a beige white color, yellowish tan or bright white color. Wow what options! That's a tad bit of sarcasm there. What if you could align the walls of your event in the color of your choice to decorate a room without actually putting a lot of time into it. For example instead of hanging different curtains or backdrops in the color of your choice why not project a nice sea blue color onto the walls to give your party or wedding that gorgeous upscale look. Maybe you've decided to have a sweet 16 and want to have the effect of purple or pink colors. Well with the flip of a switch you can have your room any color you want. Say you are wanting to create a nightclub atmosphere for your next bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah. Well you can make the color of your room an orange or reddish tint to it. 

                                            Now there are 2 types of uplighting systems. There's the standard spotlight with gel inserts where the lighting tech will insert just one color of your choice. These lights are a bit brighter than L.E.D. lights. They get hot though after a 4-5 hour event which can sometimes be a downside. What is an LED light? L.E.D. lights are small digital lights that create a cool illuminating effect together and project onto any flat surface. The difference between the spotlight gel insert uplighting and L.E.D. uplighting is the digital uplights stay nice and cool the entire time and you can flip a switch and instantly make your room color anything you want. You have to change the lenses on the standard spotlight gels. Gel spotlights are old school and LED lights are new school to be exact. 

                                            The cost of a standard size room to light with uplighting can cost anywhere from $250 to $900 depending on how many lights you're renting and the type of lights. Now you have a better understanding of what each kind is and you can determine what you want. L.E.D. uplighting is also great because you can mix and match colors during the party portion of your event such as fade from blue to green during dancing or during certain parts of the night fade from one color to the next. There are lots of videos on youtube and google to help you see the setup even better. 

Feel free to post your questions and comments here and I will be happy to respond. 

- Billman 

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Lyric's Flagler Center Wedding Party BarMitzvah Batmitzvah venue

                                                     Here's a very interesting and laid back place to have your special event. The Lyric Flagler Center in Downtown Stuart Florida was originally the recreation center in downtown Stuart FL but has been converted into a lounge, party and wedding style event center. We have had the pleasure of working there many times in the last few years and even got to perform when it first opened.

                                                      The Lyric Flagler Center in Stuart Florida features 2 main rooms for events. They have a lounge area when you first walk in the door. And then down the hall is their main banquet room. The lounge features a built in DVD video system and screen so that you can plugin a flash drive with a video, music or anything else you need. It has a sound system built into the room for presentations. They also can setup a bar area in the lounge and serve beverages if requested. The room has comfortable lounge style furniture in it too. 

                                                     Down the hall is the main banquet room pictured above. This room has basically everything built into it. They have a sound system and speakers with full audio control from their main board in the back of the room. They also feature built in lighting for the room. Great for shows, DJs, performers, etc. There's a dance floor at the front of the room and everything can take place there. They also have a wireless microphone system available too. I believe this room seats about 100-125 people comfortably. We have performed at Mitzvahs, weddings and sweet 16s here, mostly bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. The room is a large rectangle and is setup very open which is really nice to include all your guests in the activities.

                                                     A couple of downsides to this venue depending upon what you need is catering and location. You will have to look into your own catering service as I don't believe they have it at the building. They do have a small kitchen available to prepare food. The other thing that might be difficult for you is the Flagler Lyric location. It's a ways out to the downtown area for those of you who don't want to drive real far. Anybody in the Stuart, St Lucie, Hobe Sound, Palm City, Jensen Beach area will appreciate it's location as it's close to them. If your guests are traveling from a farther distance it may be more difficult getting to this location. A great thing about this venue though is the Flagler Lyric is right next to the downtown Stuart area which has lots of restaurants shops and fun things to do.

                                                   Overall the Flagler Lyric Center in Stuart Florida is a really nice place for laid back fun events such as weddings, mitzvahs, sweet 16s and more. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the rooms can accommodate a little over 100 people. I'd give it a 9 out of 10 only because it can be a little bit of a drive and you have to get your own catering but it's a really nice place to have your event. 

If you have questions comments feel free to add them here and I will respond. 

- Billman