Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Clubhouse party wedding venue rentals Community clubhouses

                                Normally in my postings I have been telling you about some great places to have your wedding, sweet 16, birthday, dance, Mitzvah and corporate event. There are numerous great locations to have your special event but those who are on a budget, which is of course many people, can always go for the clubhouse rental in your local community. There are hundreds upon hundreds of clubhouses in gated communities and residential areas. Even if you don't have one in your community you may know somebody who's a close friend or relative who has a clubhouse in their community.

                                          When setting up to have an event there are 3 main factors that your guests will remember that day. The number 1 thing people remember is who performed the entertainment at the event. It's totally true! I'm sure you've heard people say before, "Oh the DJ at the wedding or party wasn't very good, they didn't do much." It's not often that you will hear other people say that the facility that the event was not good. The second factor that people remember is the food served. The third thing that guests remember is the facility. So reserving a place for your event doesn't have to be the Taj Mahal as long as you put your investment into other things to make it how you want. We have performed at elaborate venues that had no decorations what so ever. We've also performed at small clubhouses in a customers community with lots of decorations and good music. That is a good idea to take into account. 

                                  Another great thing about clubhouses are they have easy access to the banquet room and it's more personable meaning, you can customize the look of everything. The Marriott, Embassy Suites or Double Tree doesn't mind customizing your event experience but it may cost you quite a bit more. Doing some of the designing and party props yourself may help your budget. Plus you know that you'll like it. You can also have family or close friends help in decorating the clubhouse too. There might even be a chance that the clubhouse is available the day before. This way you can go in and start decorating ahead of time. 

                                  One more good thing about community clubhouses for your wedding, party, or other type of event is flexibility. If you rent a clubhouse for the day then you have that entire day to use it. When having an event at a hotel the time you book is usually it and no more. I can recall times when 10pm rolled around and everyone is still on the dance floor having a blast and the last dance comes on because the hotel is closing up shop. Now I'm not putting down hotels or country clubs because numerous people use them and they're convenient for catering and venue needs. If you know that you're guests are a partying crowd and you'll end up extending your time then consider a place that has a flexible schedule. 

                                  Last but not least I will of course mention some negatives of clubhouses to be fair. Unlike hotels and country clubs, you must look into your own catering. Whether it be a friend of a friend catering service or someone off the internet you'll have to do some research. Secondly, many clubhouses don't have a drive up area with overhang. So if you have bad weather (Florida weather is fickle) that could also be an issue. Lastly clubhouses aren't as big as hotel banquet rooms or country clubs. So if you're planning an event with 100+ people look for a place that has enough room.

Happy Venue hunting and feel free to leave your questions, comments for me. 

- Billman

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hilton Hotel Palm Beach Gardens Florida Sweet 16 Wedding Party Venue Facility

                      On to the next location that we've had the pleasure of working at. Palm Beach Gardens Florida has a lot of great hotels and country clubs so there are many choices available. In the heart of Gardens and right next to the Gardens Mall is Hilton Garden Hotel in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. The facility is near many places for your guests to go to. So if you have guests flying into town from other states or even other cities, this is a very convenient location.
                            The main event room that Hilton Palm Beach Gardens has to offer is a medium size banquet room, capable of about 65 people comfortably. Just from our experience medium size weddings, sweet 16s and corporate events are most popular. The building itself is setup very convenient. The main entrance has a covered drive area to drop off your guests and keep them dry in-case of weather conditions. Florida weather is ever changing. It's a gorgeous day out and an hour later it's storming out. Pull your limo right up to the main entrance and go into the hallway on the right. It's a great area for cocktails and mingling. 
                        As you walk into the main room it's setup as a long rectangle. Normally the entertainment sets up on the east side of the room and the dance floor right in front. We've also seen it setup where the entertainers or DJs setup in the center of the room on the back wall and the dance floor is in the middle of the room. The tables for the guests are on either sides of the dance floor. It's a good way to be included in all the activities throughout your event. A great feature of this banquet facility is the main doors walk right into the center of the room to the dance floor. If you're looking for the moment of fame for your sweet 16, Mitzvah or evening an bride and groom for your wedding it's a great way to introduce the guests of honor. 

                      We haven't had a chance to try their food but a popular style of serving is buffet style. Hilton Garden Inn often sets up the buffet out in the main hallway just outside the party room. If anyone has experienced the food at Hilton Hotel Palm Beach Gardens if you want to leave your comments we greatly appreciate it. We always try to give as much information as we can. They have also setup a buffet for adults and for kids during those teen birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, etc. 

                       The staff was friendly to work with and it's a smaller venue so it's easy to setup and breakdown for both you and your vendors. The parking is right up front by the main doors to get in. So getting your party props in, equipment, party favors, food, cakes or whatever you have in mind, is easy to bring in. Overall this is a great venue for small to medium size affairs. If you're looking for a venue that can have up to about 65 people comfortably, this is worth checking out. 

If you would like to add your questions, comments or would like us to write about a venue let us know. South Florida is where we base much of our experience. 

- Billman


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bent Pine Golf Club Winter Beach Florida Party & Wedding Venue Vero Beach

           Hi Everybody! Readers, Web Sufers, Brides, Party goers and party planners, for this next posting I wanted to take you up more towards central Florida for those people are having events or going to events in the Vero Beach Florida area. I had a chance to perform up there this past year in 2012 at Bent Pine Golf Club in
Winter Beach Florida and it was a very nice experience. Winter Beach Florida & Bent Pine is about 10 minutes north of Vero on CO Road 505A, if you ever plan to visit. It is a gated community and the clubhouse is in the very center of of the community

             The main clubhouse is situated up on a hill overlooking the golf course and has windows throughout the rooms. There are 2 main rooms there. The lobby & open bar area which also has space for tables and seating, is great for cocktail hours and small gatherings. The next room over which has doors that open to the entire banquet room or they can stay shut. 
        The dance floor as you can see in the picture is in the very center and I have setup on the opposite end of the dance floor facing the tables. I really like that setup the best and many entertainers and performers would most likely prefer that. You can comfortably fit about 100-130 guests in the room and there's plenty of space to have a full DJ setup in there. They had a catering staff that was in house when I was there so you can probably have a package deal put together for food and facility. The head table can be setup right across the dance area on the main windows. Plenty of space for a cake table, gift table and even a buffet if you want. The photos for weddings and parties are very nice and I worked with a photographer who showed me the finished product and the outside golf course photos of the bridal party looked excellent and the most recent event we did! The afternoon and evening events are the best times to have your party or wedding. Especially where the sun is located in the evening is something you will have to talk about with your photographer.
       The staff was very accommodating at Bent Pine Golf Club. They were friendly and helpful showing me where to setup and working with us on the overall timeline. I also got to try the snack foods towards the beginning and they were very good. I didn't get a chance to try their main courses so you may want to check into that as far as what kinds of food they offer for events. Guests and Entertainment will appreciate this extra feature. The building has an overhang so that if the weather doesn't cooperate you can drop off guests, party props, equipment, anything you need and you will stay dry. I'm sure anyone reading will appreciate that. I would give Bent Pine Golf Club Winter Beach Florida a 9.5 out of 10! That's a great rating, and I took into account their great hospitality, ease of access and even great event pictures. The only minor thing that can be a little difficult is that it's a little out of the way as far as distance and it's in a gated community. So checkout Bent Pine Golf Club and see what they have to offer.

If you would like me to write about any other event locations or have questions or comments feel free to leave them here and I will be happy to respond. 

- Billman 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Embassy Suites Hotel Palm Beach Gardens Florida Wedding and Party Venue

              Well finally here it is, the one I've been meaning to write about. Embassy Suites Hotel on PGA Blvd. in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. I have had the opportunity to work at this facility since the mid 1990s. I believe this is one of the places I have played at the most. Embassy suites is a large open facility with the infamous Swans in the pond and a bridge that goes over the pond area. It's great for just about any application. Embassy Suites in Palm Beach Gardens is right off the I-95 PGA Exit and on the southeast corner of Military Trail and PGA Blvd. 

                Let's start with the ballrooms on the second floor. There's a very cool balcony overlooking the entire main entrance of the facility. The ceilings are very high and there's lot's of space for a cocktail hour and ceremony for weddings. We've performed weddings, school dances and proms, sweet 16s, and corporate events here. Pretty much anything can work for this facility. There are 2 main elevators to take you to the second floor where the event rooms are setup. You can also take the "grand staircase" (if you will) to the second floor. It's also great to walk down for wedding ceremonies. Numerous wedding ceremonies take place right next to the pond with the swans. The arch is setup near the bridge over the water. The chairs are setup near the staircase facing the archway.

               The Main ballroom can be divided up into smaller rooms or 2 medium size rooms. As they room the walls in the main ballroom it expands into a very large room. Comfortably it can hold about 250-300 people. The entertainment can setup on any side of the room. I normally setup on the wall near the doors to walk into the room. Keep in mind if you want to have a DJ or band with some lighting they will have to bring in several lights to make sure the ambiance is set. Uplighting this entire room is definitely a task. You will need anywhere from 18-30 uplights depending on how you want the room lit.

               The balcony is a great place to have a cocktail hour before your guests head into the main party room. You can also have a cocktail hour downstairs near the bar area. They have a gift shop and a restaurant on the main floor. This is convenient for your guests staying at the hotel. Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens is also 5 minutes from the Gardens mall and Downtown Gardens shops. It's super convenient for anyone flying in to come to your event. 

              Now here comes the entertainers critiquing part. As far as bringing equipment into the building, there's a parking area out back and easy access to the back glass doors. There's a little bit of  a walk and you have to walk around to the elevators. But it's nice to have 2 entrances so that guests aren't in the way of the setting up. But yes it is a little distance for those entertainers or DJs bringing in lots of equipment. For both guest of honors and entertainment, "Bring a rolley cart of some kind." Put your party favors or presents to roll to the car or for that music gear. You will be happy you did. 

               To sum it up, Embassy Suites is overall very good! I'd give it a 9 out of 10. Really the only thing I can say about it is the walking to bring equipment or party items in and out is a little trek. The staff is friendly and courteous. They are always dressed nicely and the food from what I recall is very good to. If you're looking to have a large event, wedding, staff party, sweet 16, prom or other event, Embassy Suites Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is worth checking out. 

 If you would like me to write about any other venues or experiences post your comments here and I'd be happy to respond!

- Billman

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PGA National Resort Palm Beach Gardens Florida Wedding Party venue

                        I hope everyone had a great New Years and now we're on to new things this year for 2013! With a new year and new venues to go to, we can give you the most current information to make a decision for your next special event location.

                              About a week ago we played at the very popular PGA National Spa & Resort in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This venue features several buildings that are perfect for any guest size from 15 people to 500 people. It has a separate 2 story building that has a lounge area and party room upstairs. I recently did a women's golf league party for about 80 guests and they had party props and a buffet in the room. 

                           I had the opportunity to play in the grand ballroom as pictured above. The guest count was about 150 and they had a full bar and 2 buffet areas on either side of the room. I would say this room is best for corporate events, staff holiday parties and large weddings. The dance floor is definitely large enough for your guests to fill the floor. For this event they had a photo booth in the far corner in the front of the room and the DJ booth was at the opposite end center of the dance floor. The entrance of the grand ballroom at pga national is very easy to get to and they even have a small digital screen that displays your events information. Very cool. The servers were friendly and the place was very clean and organized. 

                            PGA National also has smaller party rooms available. They have several medium size rooms for guest counts of 25-75. All the food is catered and prepared right at their facility so you don't have to hire a caterer as they have packages included. I'd recommend the smaller party rooms for birthdays or get-togethers. They also have 2 large ballrooms available that I've worked in with a stage. Plus to help your guests out you can book rooms their at the venue or stay super close by, at either the Marriott, Embassy Suites, Double Tree and Hilton. In addition the Gardens mall and Downtown Gardens are about 5 minutes away. So your guests have plenty to do if they are flying in from other cities or states. 
                           For us mobile DJs it's fairly easy access to the loading dock for any of the main ballrooms. You might ask why I always mention loading and unloading dj equipment at the venues. Well whomever you hire to be your entertainment might charge you extra the farther they have to go. So a tip for you is to find out how far away the door to loading equipment is and that will make your DJ happy. It should make it easier to start on-time and not charge you anything extra. 

                           Overall I'd give PGA National an 8.5 out of 10 for how close it is to everything. It's 2 minutes away from the Florida Turnpike and about 5-6 minutes away from I-95. It has numerous hotels in the area as well as a mall close by. The facility is clean and extravagant and the staff are friendly as well. I tried the food and others said it was very good but I am not sure about everything as I haven't had it all. PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens is great for any kind of event and most guest sizes.

If you have comments or questions feel free to post them here and I am happy to answer them. 

Happy Venue Hunting and New Year,    Billman