Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Fountains Country Club Lake Worth Florida Wedding Corporate Event Sweet 16 Party Venue

                                   Here's a nice venue that we finally had a chance to write about. It's in the heart of Lake Worth Florida and is a situated in a large community with condos and residences. The Fountains Country Club is a very upscale facility within a gated community that has everything you need to have a lavish event. This is a fairly formal venue and is nice for much larger events.

                                   The Fountains Country Club has a nice open layout with large entry way and hallway. The facility has valet parking for your convenience and a large overhang drive up area so you can drop off your guests. The Fountains has automatic doors that open at the front which is super convenient for anyone with a wheelchair or anyone bringing equipment or party props in. As you walk into the building to the right of the hall are the restrooms. These are some of the nicest restrooms I've seen in my career. Plenty of space for getting dressed and the layout is really nice for those of you having a ceremony and reception in one place. We had a chance to perform in their large ballroom to the east side of the building. There is a smaller room attached to the large banquet room for ceremonies and down the steps is the banquet room. There was a photo booth setup in the smaller room. 

                                 The large banquet room is capable of holding 100-150 guests very comfortably, possibly even more. A dance floor can be setup right in the center of the room and a buffet can be setup to the far end and a large back wall area with windows can have just about anything you would like. They have a full staff for serving food either sit down dinner or buffet, depending on your preference. The staff seemed very friendly and accommodating and accessing the rooms is fairly easy as well. The only catch with setting up in the large banquet room was the steps down into the room. We didn't see a ramp to take stuff down but there maybe one and we missed it. The performer or DJ can setup right on the back wall facing the crowd and dance floor. There's plenty of room for a cocktail hour in the main hallway foyer, ceremony in the smaller room and reception the large. You won't feel cramped in this facility as it's nice and open. 

                               Here's the overall review of the Fountains Country Club in Lake Worth Florida. We give it a 9 out of 10 which is a great score! It's just in between the turnpike and I-95 for those who are traveling and need an easy right off the exit event. The facility is extremely elegant and can accommodate a large number of people. The staff was pleasant and easy to work with. We didn't get to try the food but from what our client told us it was good. You can find out if you go to an event or have one there. The only thing that was a little bit of a task was getting into the room down the steps. Other than that the Fountains country club is definitely worth looking into. For anyone in the West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Boynton Delray and Boca area. 

If you know anymore information or have anything you want to comment on feel free to add it here. 

- Billman

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Village Golf Club Royal Palm Beach Florida Wedding Party Sweet 16 Quince Venue

                                        This weekend we had a chance to work another event at the Village Golf Club in Royal Palm Beach Florida. Situated in a quiet, country side looking area in the Palm Beach area surrounding a Golf course. This venue is great for anyone in the West Palm Beach, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Acreage and surrounding areas. This facility is a nice upscale building which is great for a number of different events such as; Sweet 16s, Quinces, Birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversary parties and more. 

                                        The Village Golf Club is a fairly large venue capable of having a comfortable 90-100 guests with a full size bar and nice open room. The building has vaulted ceilings and nice views with windows surrounding the main room. As you first walk into the main door the clubhouse has a long open hallway leading to the party room on the left side. The restrooms (which are nicely setup for changing attire for the party) are on the right side as you walk in. The main room has an area in the center for a dance floor and you can setup the tables to align the dance floor. There is plenty of room for setting up a buffet and the bar is to the back of the room. It is a nice size bar that can hold quite a few people. Everything is nice and spacious for those looking for one large room to have your affair in. 

                                           Parking is easy with a nice big parking lot to the far side of the building and has a nice shaped driveway area to drop of guests. There is a ramp to go right up to the main door to unload equipment, bring in party props, party rental supplies and more. It has an open patio area outside that is covered for guests to be outside or inside the building. It is really easy for a DJ to setup at this venue as it has different options of what sides to setup on. 

                                         Overall Village Golf Club in Royal Palm Beach Florida is a very nice venue with the upscale feel but affordable for your budget. You will have to look into a catering company as we believe it has a kitchen for food but we unfortunately didn't get a good look to see what they offer. The staff seemed friendly and courteous and worked well with the guests at the event we did. We can give this facility a 9 out of 10 for its convenience of setup, the location is right off the main road Royal Palm Beach Blvd and is capable of having a nice size guest count. Check this venue out for your next party or wedding venue.

 Questions or comments feel free to leave them and I will be glad to reply.

- Billman

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center in West Palm Beach Florida Wedding Birthday Mitzvah Quince Sweet 16 Venue Facility

                                                Another rendition of South Florida gig log brings us to a nice venue with different options available. The Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center is a catering hall and special event facility out west of the Palm Beach area in the Royal Palm Wellington area. It's conveniently located on the main road and close to the airport for those of you having guests fly in from other places. The building is simple enough for a small birthday but large enough for a large corporate event or school dance.

                                                 The Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center has a nice roundabout driveway that takes you right to the main door. It's so easy to bring in food, party props, equipment and anything else you need. The main door takes you into the full size extra large party room that has a stage for performances and lots of room for seating, tables and a dance area. This is quite a large room capable of holding 150-200 people fairly comfortably. Your entertainment, band or DJ can setup right on the main stage. There is a nice area on a higher up level in the Auditorium where you can setup a bar and buffet area. We have seen  numerous types of events in this room, Sweet 16s, weddings, school events, Quinces, birthdays and many other events. They've also had Mariachi bands, DJs, karaoke & more. 

                                                 Now the room we had a pleasure of playing in this time is the smaller party room down the hall of the facility. As you walk in the main doors you turn to the right and walk down around the hallway to the other party room. This room has 2 doors on each side of the room for easy access bringing equipment in. It also has a side ramp with doors on the side of the building with a driveway. It's so easy to bring your equipment and party props in. The smaller room can hold about 50-60 people comfortably with some space for an open dance floor, bar and buffet. We've performed at many birthdays, sweet 16s and parties in this room. It's super affordable too. It's a long rectangle shaped room and has lighting controls to set the room lights lower or higher. We would like to suggest that this room is nice with a set of uplighting effects. For uplighting see our blog on uplighting or visit and it tells you what they are. They're nice to give your room the color of your choice.

                                              And for the final thoughts and info on Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center & Civic Center. The staff was very nice and has an office right next to the party rooms If you are a resident of the area you receive a discount. The cost is about $400 for the smaller room and about 500-700 for the larger room. We will give this facility a 9 out of 10. It's a great place for most size events and any type events. It's affordable to rent for the evening. The entire building has easy access and it has parking around the building. You have options for the size event. The staff was courteous and friendly when we arrived there. The only thing you will have to do is hire out your catering and bartender service. The larger room has a kitchen area to prepare food and store it. And finally it's about 15-20 minutes west of I95 on Okeechobee which is in a great area. Happy Venue hunting.

- Billman

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